Lightning strikes Final Fantasy XIV on Thursday

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|11.12.13

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Lightning strikes Final Fantasy XIV on Thursday
The storm is here.
It's been previewed, it's been discussed, and now it's starting. From Thursday onward, Lightning of Final Fantasy XIII will be arriving in Final Fantasy XIV, offering characters a set of cosmetic armor and weapons straight out of the former game. If you've been wondering exactly how the crossover is going to make any sort of sense with the lore of either game, that's when you can start finding out one way or the other.

The full series of quests will be released in stages; the second quest in the chain will be added on November 16th, the third on the 18th, and the final quest on the 20th. All of the quests will be available until December 9th, with a repeat engagement already scheduled for February of next year when Lightning Returns launches in North America. It's also worth noting that everyone who clears the first quest will be able to unlock a special hairstyle when patch 2.1 arrives, so lovers of cosmetic equipment and hairdos alike will want to be in the game on Thursday.
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