Daily iPad App: True Color is a color recipe tool for artists and digital designers

Finding the right mix of colors to get that perfect shade can be a challenge at times, especially when you are trying to match a color in a photo or a digital drawing. To help you get the right blend, you can use True Color from Snickerdoodle Software.

True Color is a color-mixing tool with a series of primary color dials -- blue, red, yellow and white -- that you can use to mix your perfect color. Every move of the dial changes the color on the screen, allowing you to carefully adjust each primary dial to get just the right blend. Once you have created your color of choice, you can save that recipe for later use.

True Color is more than a standalone color mixer. The app also can be used to match a color in a photo. Just import the image into the app and grab the target color using a dropper. The app will then generate the correct color recipe automatically. It's a huge timesaver to not have to manually adjust the color and eyeball it to see if it matches your photo. Like other recipes, you can save these photo grab recipes for later use.

True Color isn't a do-everything color tool -- it's a basic color mixer that does one thing and does it well. It's great for artists who want to play with colors without wasting precious paint or pulling out all the tools needed to work on a real canvas. It's also perfect for folks who enjoy color theory and just want to mix things up on the fly

True Color is available in the iOS App Store for US$1.99. It's a universal app that works on the iPad and iPhone.