Delaware Apple store sells more iPhones than any other store

Here's an interesting little fact: The Christiana Mall Apple store in Newark, Del., sells more iPhones than any other Apple Store in the United States. As ABC news reports, that's because Delaware has no sales tax, so people can pick up iPhones and other Apple products there at a significant discount compared to the rest of the country. Because of the store's location, customers will come from other cities in New York and New Jersey to shop there.

While Apple did not confirm that its Christiana Mall store sold the most iPhones, several employees working there did brag to ABC news that it did. "The only store that does more volume is the glass box on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue and that is open 24 hours a day. But no one sells more phones than we do," one employee said.

The store is so busy it is guarded by four to 10 Delaware state troopers during opening hours -- something Apple pays the bill for. The officers handle crowd control.