Daily iPad App: John Lewis' Bear & Hare is for the child in all of us

Today's Daily iPad App is Bear & Hare, an interactive children's book based on the Christmas advert of the same name, which is one of the UK's most celebrated holiday ads. The £1 million ad for UK retailer John Lewis is a two-minute short film that combines traditional hand-drawn animation (by Lion King alums, no less) with computer graphics and tells the story of a bear who usually hibernates through Christmas and his friend, a rabbit. I don't want to ruin the plot, but be prepared to shed a few tears when you see it.

To go along with the Bear & Hare ad campaign, John Lewis has released the companion app, which explores the store in hand-illustrated book form and also allows children to interact with the forest animals in the story. It also offers interactive games such as The Woodland Orchestra and Decorate the Christmas tree. John Lewis will continue to update the app with new games in the weeks leading to Christmas.

If your children have seen the Bear & Hare ad, download this app. Trust me; it will make their day. It also is a great story to read to children as you are tucking them into bed as the winter approaches. The Bear & Hare is a free download, but it is only available in the UK App Store. There is also a separate iPhone version of the app too.