Nest's mobile app gets a full makeover, Protect smoke detector support

Since Nest's hardware and app go together like birds of a feather, new mobile software was inevitable after it launched the Nest Protect smoke detector. However, the startup darling has also taken the opportunity to completely revamp its app, mostly to make it easier to see all the important goings-on in your house. At a glance, you'll now get the temperature you've set on your Nest Thermostat, whether it's heating or cooling, the outside temperature and weather, and a big button to switch between home and away mode -- in lieu of the former, slightly lame method of tilting your phone to landscape.

You'll also see an icon for the new Nest Protect smoke alarm, which displays a green ring if everything's a-okay, and yellow or red one for a heads-up or emergency, respectively. Selecting that icon will bring up the full app, showing all the detectors by room name, a green, yellow or red status for both smoke and carbon monoxide and the status of each alarm's batteries and sensor. In addition, it'll show the last WiFi update and time of your last manual test. Finally, the new app will bring a firmware update for the Nest Thermostat itself, with new features like "Quiet Time," to prevent potentially noisy humidifier equipment from waking up kids, for instance, along with tweaks that make the system more efficient. Hang tight if you're anxious to get them, because Nest said the new app and thermostat update will happen in a few days and install automatically.