Zune Marketplace to close its doors 'as early as' November 22

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S. Prell
November 17th, 2013
Zune Marketplace to close its doors 'as early as' November 22
According to an email from Microsoft, the Zune Marketplace, precursor to Xbox Music, will no longer support rental, purchase or browsing of content "as early as" November 22, the same day as the Xbox One launch. Those looking to replace or transfer their content can look instead to Xbox Video, which allows for purchase or rental of content using local currency (as opposed to the recently retired Microsoft Points), or Xbox Music, which streams content. Both services will be available on the Xbox One.

If you were previously a Zune user and log into Xbox Music with your Microsoft account, the service will display your local library as a virtual collection. Any video content previously purchased from Zune will likewise transfer over to Xbox Video. If you have any remaining Microsoft Points, you can convert them to your local currency by purchasing content or redeeming a code for Microsoft Points.

Although the Zune Marketplace is on its way out, Zune hardware will remain usable. Microsoft PR confirmed to Joystiq that owners of Zune hardware will still be able to enjoy playback of previously-purchased content from their personal collection on their devices.
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