store gets a massive makeover

Sponsored Links store gets a massive makeover
Way back in December 2012, a change was made so that you couldn't get any physical items from the store in Europe. We even spoke about it in a couple of articles here on WoW Insider, with EU Community Manager Takralus informing the community that, thanks to an extensive revamp taking place on the store, the EU version was out of commission for anything but downloadable items.

And now that revamp seems to have arrived. The image above is a screengrab of what you'll see if you head over to, or follow any other links to the shop that you might come across. Alas, for the time being at least, it seems like physical items are absent from the US store as well as the EU one, but there are some other interesting changes.

For one, while right now it leads to nowhere, there is a Hearthstone link, within the Hearthstone section of the store, which looks like this. Like I mention above, this, unfortunately, just leads you, via a series of clicks, through an information page back to the beta sign-up.

Nonetheless, we heard at BlizzCon that Hearthstone will hopefully be in open beta within a month, and it seems likely that when that time comes this will be how you procure it.

Another interesting note is that all the WoW in-game services are now on the store for purchase. Name change, faction change, all those things, including things like the Scroll of Resurrection that are currently free services. It seems likely that the store will become the central place to manage paid services from, and this is a great change. It was confusing to have to go through your account and add services to do some things, while you had to go to the store for others.

And it seems highly likely that before long the physical items will return to the revamped store. In the meantime, I hope you got what you needed from the previous version!
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