Infinit launches a new, fast file-transfer app for Mac OS

Infinit is a new application for Mac OS that allows free unlimited file transfers that the company claims are faster than any existing solution. For now, transfers are limited to Macs running the Infinit application.

To get started, just create a username and password and enjoy the many nice features. One standout option handles sleeping machines quite well. If you are on a laptop that goes to sleep or has its lid closed, the transfer pauses until an internet connection is re-established.

File transfers in general are simple. Drag a file of any kind to the menu bar, and type in an email address. The person on the other end clicks "accept" and the transfer starts, with the file delivered to their downloads folder. The app can send receipts for completed transfers, and you can see a history of what you've sent. Files are encrypted during the transfer. Transfers seemed quite fast in my testing, faster than Google Drive and Dropbox.

A couple of caveats. You'll have to type in your recipient's email. The app doesn't see your address book and won't auto-complete. That feature is coming, but for now you have to do a little extra work. Also, the recipient has to sign up and be running the app. If you try to send a file to someone not registered, they will receive an invitation to join up instead. Direct transfers will also show up at some point so recipients won't need to sign up.

At the current time, Infinit is totally free. No limits on types of files or file size, but at some point there will be subscription options, likely only for larger files.

Infinit is very easy to use, and it is very fast. The application is Mac-only now, but versions are coming for Windows and Linux. This app seems well-suited for people like photographers and graphic designers who want to quickly and easily exchange files.

You can get more details and sign up for Infinit at the company website. Infinit has great promise and if the subscription costs are low, I think it will be something many Mac users will want to use. Since it's all free for now, it's worth a sign up to see if it works for you.