Neverwinter dev blog unveils Sword Coast Adventures

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Neverwinter dev blog unveils Sword Coast Adventures
Screenshot -- Neverwinter's Sword Coast Adventures
So you're a mighty adventurer of Neverwinter who has travelled the lands of Faerûn and amassed a small army of companions to accompany you on your travels, but what exactly do those companions get up to when they're not fighting by your side? Well, the folks at Cryptic Studios are giving you the chance to find out with the introduction of a new Neverwinter Gateway game called Sword Coast Adventures.

Sword Coast Adventures is described as "a press-your-luck, dice-matching game in which players send a party of 4 companions into a series of random, mysterious locations to earn rewards and gain companion experience." Players assemble a team of four companions and send them on a perilous adventure that consists of a number of challenges. Challenges are completed by rolling a character's power dice (which are unique to each companion) and matching symbols on the dice to those presented by the challenge, which should be a familiar mechanic to fans of tabletop games such as Elder Sign. Completing challenges rewards players with treasure and/or companion XP, and the overall goal is to complete the final challenge and complete the adventure. For the full run-down on the rules and mechanics of Sword Coast Adventures, check out the full post at Neverwinter's official site.
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