Random Acts of Uberness: We love the Random Uberness

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Random Acts of Uberness: We love the Random Uberness
Somewhat fittingly, Random Acts of Uberness is a random act of publishing. Since the content isn't time-sensitive, the editors tuck it into any open niche that happens along in the front part of the week. What's not so random, however, is that I always compile this feature on Mondays, because even the most mournfully Monday-ish Mondays brighten up when I'm editing this treasure trove of positivity.

Keep 'em coming, guys -- we love publishing Random Acts of Uberness as much as you love reading (and experiencing) them!

Caught being uber: Xferhorde, Steamwheedle Cartel (EU-Horde) I was redoing a lot of Azshara last week for fun, I've always loved the zones new quests. As I was questing I saw the new mail icon pop up and just left it for a while. i assumed it was one of the automated mails from npcs thanking you for your help. Imagine how surprised I was to find 1500g sent from a character called Xferhorde. I was trying to raise money for heirlooms at the same time, I was thrilled! I tried to respond with thanks but his character wasn't found. All the letter said was 'enjoy'. So I just want to thank him for his awesomeness. -- Hundraxx, Steamwheedle Cartel (EU-Horde)

Caught being uber: Garetjaxx, Area 52 (US-Horde) As a very casual player, I need to pick and choose what tasks I'm going to get done every week to further my progression in the game. Usually, dailies and gold making take a back seat to gearing, leveling alts, pet battles, and transmog.

After spending hours perfecting my latest transmog set, I realized the gloves I needed to complete the set - Fiery Plate Gauntlets - were made from a pattern no longer in game. I was so upset. They're perfect... and so I dashed to Undermine Journal to see what they were going for... but was disappointed once again when I saw them going for almost 8k. I'd have to spend weeks forgoing all else to pay for them!

Desperate, I sent a message to the seller, Garetjaxx of VEX on Area 52, asking to see if he'd be wonderful enough to help me set up a payment plan so that I could get the gloves. Area 52 is known for it's auction house goblins, and so I wasn't very hopeful. Perhaps he'd be around when I collected the gold and I could try then?

But in a random act of epic uberness, Garetjaxx not only understood my plight, but selflessly donated the gloves - free of charge - to my wonderful new transmog set. Little does he know, I plan on paying him back anyway... but he made my entire week with this act of awesome. So, to Garetjaxx the Insane, I say thank you for being so uber and for making my transmog dreams a reality! Much love. -- Alysendra, Area 52 (US-Horde)

Caught being uber: Nate of the Funky Letters and Unknown Realm Ran LFR Gates last night (11/12/13) finishing around 11 pm CST and breezed through first 3 bosses. All of a sudden, despite having the same group, we wipe a few times on Nazgrim and the fail quits ensued. Luckily, our tank Nate (with some funky letters I don't remember) from a realm I can't recall either, stuck it out. He was calm collected and helpful as we finished off Nazgrim on our 4th attempt. -- Anonymous

Caught being uber: Phoenixblaze, Terenas (US-Alliance) Hey, wanted to thank Phoenixblaze @ Terenas for going into uber mode. My wife and I had just gotten up to killing celestials on timeless isle and were prepared to hit it up again and again.

The first group formed and we took down Yu'lon without issue with about 35 people. I asked if people might stick around for a cloak run and we ended up with about 20 sticking around. Phoenixblaze was main tank who stuck around and pulled Xuen with 20. Two down, but a lot of people leaving.

We had about 15 people with a couple joining. Hmmm, may need more people. As I was trying to gather more people, Phoenixblaze charges in and pulls. "WHOA!!! CRAZY TANK!!! CELESTIAL INC." We started at Chi-Ji and I think some Horde were getting antsy we were doing all this back to back so they started to kite large lava adds right into the middle of our group. Remember there is only 15 of us. Absolute Chaos. But he was able to stay up somehow in all of the crazy and we downed him.

Last boss for cloak, only 12 of us left. Phoenixblaze pulls again. More Horde adds. More chaos. More win.

Thanks everybody who came out to help, guildies you were awesome, but super thanks to the crazy tank who stuck it out through it all and helped pull us through even with our small group. -- Sporkwind, Terenas (US-Alliance)

Caught being uber: Kamajii, Drenden (US-Horde) My thanks to the calm, friendly,monk tank; Kamajii from Dreden. He arrived to us after a series of wipes on the Gorrash fight in SoO. since many of us were there for the first time it was a pleasure to learn form such a nice person. Thank You!!!! -- Anonymous

Send us your tales of awesome deeds

It's those times another player lights up your night with precise play, a wicked sense of humor, or unexpected generosity that you're a night spent in Azeroth becomes something to remember. Looking for a place to feel good about humanity again? You've come to the right place: WoW Insider's Random Acts of Uberness.

Send us your kudos and shout-outs for players who made your day! We know you can't always remember everyone's names or realms, and that's OK. Tell us what you do remember: what day of the week it was, what time of day, your own home realm, any details you recall about the other player, where you were and what you were doing in game. If the players involved read WoW Insider, we're betting they'll recognize your story!

Email your Random Acts of Uberness to lisa@wowinsider.com. Be sure to include your character's name, realm and faction if you'd like that to be published.

Until next week -- be excellent to each other!
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