Second PES 2014 DLC adds 800 faces, 11 vs 11 mode

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Second PES 2014 DLC adds 800 faces, 11 vs 11 mode

Konami launched the second data pack for its latest soccer simulation game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. The data pack offers updated rosters for the game as well as 800 additional faces crafted to look like their real-life athlete counterparts. The free DLC also introduces a team play lobby system, some undefined gameplay and chat tweaks along with an update to PES 2014's online offerings, most notably the addition of an 11 vs. 11 online multiplayer mode.

Lastly, Konami also reintroduced its MyPES feature to PES 2014 through the release of a free companion app, now available on iOS. MyPES allows players to share game results and stats with others, as well as view analysis for "shots, possession, passing, and patterns of play." Players can also use the app to build communities with others, and those without an online-enabled console can scan QR codes to assess their games in the app. The companion app will arrive on Android in the near future.
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800 new likenesses, improved online elements and Edit mode enhanced in free PES 2014 update.

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has released Data Pack 2 for its PES 2014 title, adding a wealth of new elements to the popular football simulation.

The free DLC brings all team rosters fully up to date, and also adds 800 new faces for additional realism. Amongst those benefitting from incredibly realised likenesses are Manchester United's Da Silva twins, Boca Juniors' Riquelme, Real Madrid's Isco and England midfielder, Jack Wilshere.

Similarly, following feedback been gathered from the PES community, the download also adds a many much-wanted elements to the game. The update extends PES 2014's online elements, with the long awaited addition of the 11 Vs 11 mode, enhancements to chat elements, and gameplay tweaks. A new 'Team Play' lobby system has been incorporated, together with Online competitions and Master League Online competitions.

The popular myPES element is also reintroduced in a greatly expanded form. Working via a new dedicated app, myPES enhances the competitive element of PES 2014, ranking all users and a bank of stats related to each match played. Full details of myPES's exhaustive new content will be released imminently.
New official kits have also been added, with third kits added to the likes of Santos, Palmeiras and Flamengo, while sponsorships have been amended where necessary. New adidas, Nike, Puma and Mizuno boots have also been included, and will be available via the game's Edit mode, which has also been enhanced for ease of use with the addition of the player base copy and even more user-friendly options.

KONAMI unveils free PES 2014 companion app for iOS systems, Android to follow

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has extended the reach of its popular myPES social element of PES 2014, with the release of a dedicated app for iOS users, with an Android version to follow shortly.

myPES was introduced in PES 2012 in a very basic form, and was designed to allow the sharing of results within the PES community. It has now been extended greatly and the free app allows for more detailed player and game data to be shared between users.

The app is released alongside the second PES 2014 Data Pack, which includes functions to support sending stats data from PES 2014. The companion app thus allows users to check and organise their match stats on their iOS and Android device, and offers analysis of shots, possession, passing, and patterns of play. The build-up to goals, potential weaknesses in the opposition, and data to adapt playing styles against key opponents can then be viewed.

The app is also key to building community structures within PES 2014. Groups can be created, and myPES will track results and rank players accordingly. Users that do not have their consoles connected online will have the option to save their stats through a QR code displayed after matches, which can be scanned using the app to synchronise results for future analysis.
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