Iconfactory announces AppViz 3 for tracking App Store success

AppViz icon

If you publish an app in Apple's App Store, you know how hard it can be to track your sales with meaningful data. The Iconfactory, partnering with IdeaSwarm, announced its solution to this problem with the launch of AppViz 3 today.

According to the news announcement, AppViz 3 sports a new interface with a Dashboard that gives you "a bird's eye view of how iOS, Mac or iBook products are performing, with results presented in easy-to-understand charts and graphs."

Other new AppViz 3 features include a customizable Details screen that allows you to drill down to see long-term trends, sales, upgrades and more. The new Finances section lets you reconcile earnings with your bank statements and generate month-to-month earnings reports, plus partner royalty payments.

AppViz Screen shot

If the AppViz site is any indication of how you can visualize everything you need to track your app's progress, then this product is a winner. The site includes everything you need to know about using the app, including a list of the 100-plus features that cover the Dashboard, Statistics, detailed analytical reports, finances and downloads and updates. You can even set up a finance-only user for iTunes Connect.

You can sign up for a free account and track your first app for no cost. To sign up, you just download the AppViz app and follow the in-app instructions. (I did find one small bug right at the get-go. When you launch AppViz 3, there is no way to quit the app if you decide to sign up later. You are stuck on the signup screen with no way to leave the app unless you complete the sign up process or do a Force Quit. Ooops!)

AppViz sign in screen

You can sign up for a free account and track your first app for no cost. The service starts at US$10 per month to track up to 20 apps, but you can save about $60 by paying annually. Iconfactory also notes that "previous AppViz customers who sign up before the end of the year will receive a 30 percent discount for the first six months."