Breakfast Topic: Does Warlords of Draenor need another class or race?

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Breakfast Topic: Does Warlords of Draenor need another class or race?
Speculation was rife in the days leading up to BlizzCon, with people wondering what the new expansion would bring in terms of classes and races. There were various rumors of various levels of hilarity, such as Mo'arg for the Horde and Ethereals for the Alliance, or Ogres, Demon Hunters or Corgis... you name it, it was speculated.

Then Blizzard pulled a fast one on all of us: Warlords of Draenor will have neither a new race nor a new class. And I'm OK with it. Personally, I think the last thing we need from both a PvP and a PvE perspective is another class. We're having enough trouble with the eleven that we do have at our disposal, and adding in a twelfth would not help matters. They'd also have to increase server capacity again, and who knows whether they even have the tools to do so.

As far as new races go, in my personal opinion, the sheer amount of speculation indicates how people didn't really have a firm idea on what they wanted. And really, what would you have wished for from the existing races? Naga? Ogres? Ethereals? Personally, none of those excited me. But I'm just one person, what do you think?
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