Philadelphia says no to 3D printed guns

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Michael Gorman
November 24th, 2013
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Philadelphia says no to 3D printed guns

The Liberator made quite a name for itself a few months back when it became the first functioning all-3D printed gun, and while its maker designed it with mass distribution in mind, we now know one place where it's unwelcome: Philadelphia. The city of Brotherly Love lived up to its name yesterday, when the city council voted unanimously to ban folks from being able to print plastic pistols with which to shoot each other. That's right, it is now illegal to manufacture guns via 3D printer in Philadelphia. As of this writing, Philly's the first city to put such a ban in place, and it's not in response to a a rash of plastic pistols flooding the streets, either -- Philadelphia Magazine reports that it's just a preventative measure. Nice to see a city government trying to stop a problem before it starts, but we're betting it won't be long before someone in Philly takes to the courts to challenge the ban.

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