Xbox One can be controlled with Logitech Harmony remotes

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S. Prell
November 23rd, 2013
Xbox One can be controlled with Logitech Harmony remotes
The Logitech Harmony series of universal remotes just became a little more universal, thanks to the added ability to control the freshly-launched Xbox One. A post on the Logitech blog reveals that the company has been working with Microsoft to ensure Harmony remote compatibility, and that all users should be able to control their system with the universal remotes from day one.

Previous-gen consoles (are they officially previous-gen now?) like the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii could be controlled by certain Harmony models in the past. The Xbox 360 was controlled via an IR sensor, while the PS3 and Wii were controlled via Bluetooth. The Logitech website doesn't specify how the Xbox One and Harmony remotes communicate, but each new Microsoft console does come with a big rectangle that blasts IR signals. We'll let you do the math and speculation from there.

The Xbox One currently lacks a first-party remote such as the Xbox 360 Media Remote, but in the meantime, the Harmony remotes will get you around your dashboard if, say, you don't want to talk to your console, wave your hands or use the controller.
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