Infinity Blade is free for Black Friday week

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Infinity Blade is free for Black Friday week

The week of Black Friday is beginning to overshadow the American tradition of Thanksgiving, and while some detest the crass materialism of the shopping madness, at least there are some incredible deals to be had. Take this one, for instance; something worth giving thanks for -- Infinity Blade is free to download this week.

Sure, Infinity Blade isn't the newest game, but it's still an amazing classic and will play on older devices like the iPhone 3GS, third-generation iPod touch and even the original iPad.

The app uses the Unreal Engine 3 to create amazingly lifelike graphics, while using a gesture-based battle control system that works well on touchscreen devices like the iPhone and iPad. Infinity Blade is great for hours of action; just remember to put your iOS device down every once in a while to talk to your friends and relatives during the holidays, OK?

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