Payday 2 on Steam introduces Gage: the weapons dealer DLC

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Payday 2 on Steam introduces Gage: the weapons dealer DLC
On December 5, Payday 2 will increase its inventory of weapons, mods and masks in the Gage Weapon Pack, a piece of premium DLC coming to the PC version on Steam.

The Gage Weapon Pack adds a variety of new guns, mods, masks (with new patterns and materials) and increases player inventory size considerably. In fact, those who pick up the DLC tomorrow will have more open weapon slots than there are guns available in the game.

Being introduced alongside Gage's armaments in Payday 2 is a selective fire mode, allowing would-be heisters to switch between semi-automatic and full-on auto firing at the press of a button. Selective firing will be available to all players starting tomorrow – not just the ones who pick up the DLC.

The Gage Weapon Pack will launch tomorrow, Overkill says, with a final unveiling for the last part of the DLC also happening tomorrow. Overkill has not announced a price for the Gage DLC.
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