Inferno Legend begins closed beta on December 10th

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|12.06.13

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Inferno Legend begins closed beta on December 10th
Inferno Legend
Chinese developer Gamebox announced that its upcoming "reverse Diablo" MMO Inferno Legend will be going into closed beta testing on December 10th.

The company said that it was inspired by the movie Avatar in the creation of Inferno Legend's air island world. Players will explore these islands brick by hexagonal brick, finding out what's on each when they step on them. The unpredictability that each brick brings, from a battle event to a treasure boon, is what Gearbox hopes will intrigue players.

Inferno Legend has five classes: Vampire, Cyclops, Ghost Knight, Fairy, and Mummy. Battles take their visual cues from the comic books, and there's a demon summoning system that gives alternate skills and buffs for players foolish enough to toy with the underworld.

You can check out the preview video of Inferno Legend after the break.

[Source: Gamebox press release]

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