Payday 2 update brings PS3 version closer to PC

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Payday 2 update brings PS3 version closer to PC
Overkill has issued a significant update for the PS3 version of Payday 2, bringing that console's version up to par with the latest version of the game on PC.

There are over 200 tweaks that have been made to the PS3 game, including a complete overhaul of the weapons rating system, adjustments to how stealth works and some fixes for a few persistent crash bugs. The game's economy system has also been updated to pay out more cash for looted bags as well as XP from completed missions.

The full patch notes are quite extensive, so feel free to pore over them in this Steam post. A patch for the Xbox 360 version is currently in the works.
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505 Games and Overkill Software have released a major update for PAYDAY 2 on PlayStation 3. Full details of specific changes included can be found here:

Designed to bring the PS3 version of PAYDAY 2 in line with the numerous updates already implemented in the PC version of the game, this title update contains over 200 individual changes to the game taken directly from user input. Whether you wanted improved armor, increased difficulty in Overkill mode, or more chances to spawn an additional escape phase during your heists, this update has you covered.

A title update for PAYDAY 2 on Xbox 360 is currently in development.
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