APB: Reloaded spawns iOS tactical spin-off APB: Retribution

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APB: Reloaded spawns iOS tactical spin-off APB: Retribution
While the massively multiplayer APB: Reloaded has never had the same kind of success of say, World of Warcraft, it has proven enough of a cult hit to spawn APB: Retribution, an iOS-exclusive tactical shooter steeped in the MMO's lore.

"Seeking bloody vengeance against Old Harry, the Horca leader who left you for dead," reads developer Blazing Griffin's plot tease, "You must navigate through a complete singleplayer story – complemented with hand-painted levels – where every step you take is a sheer fight for survival."

"Make use of a wide array of weapons and equipment to hack, slash, maim, and shoot your way through the dilapidated backstreets of San Paro. Battle Horca clan members, bosses, and other characters using one-shot tactical combat to gain the upper hand in tough-to-clear urban locations." Despite its predecessor being strictly multiplayer focused, APB: Retribution is a singleplayer game.

As the MMO fiends at our sister site Massively note, APB: Retribution is something of a test bed for an expansion of the APB: Reloaded universe. Retribution was completed in a mere six months, and Blazing Griffin already has a follow-up in the works, though nothing is known about that as-yet-unnamed game. APB: Retribution currently lacks a specific release date, though it should hit iOS devices later this month.

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