Gameplay videos getting flagged on YouTube again

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David Hinkle
December 11th, 2013
Gameplay videos getting flagged on YouTube again

YouTube has confirmed it's taking a fresher, steely approach to videos flagged by its "Content ID Match" system, which will have an impact on monetization of Let's Play content. Prominent accounts such as TheRadBrad, TetraNinja and GhostRobo have received claims, which seem to be targeting music specifically. A YouTube representative told Game Informer that these claims are part of some policy updates to better help content networks be more transparent.

"Nothing illustrates the incredible growth and evolution of YouTube better than the enterprise class of businesses being built on the platform today," the statement reads. "As these networks grow, we're making product and policy updates that will help them operate at scale. We are also rolling out tools that will provide more transparency for creators and networks alike. This is part of our commitment to ensure that all enterprise partners can continue to thrive and be successful on YouTube."

Some publishers, such as Capcom, Deep Silver, Ubisoft and Blizzard, are asking users to contest the claims so they can quickly dismiss the dispute from their end, while others report a third-party account called 4GamerMovie is specifically targeting all Metro: Last Light footage. Another company called IDOL, which has been known to issue claims on a much smaller scale in the past, is also contesting YouTube videos.

Earlier this year, Nintendo issued mass claims for a wide number of Let's Play videos. While anyone is free to upload footage of a game to YouTube, those videos technically do not fall under Fair Use.
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