Random Acts of Uberness: No more anguish in the amphitheater

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Random Acts of Uberness: No more anguish in the amphitheater
That point in the quest line where you fully expect to stall out unless you happen to stumble across precisely the right collection of alts at precisely the same time? No issue -- not if a level-capped good samaritan is already waiting there to lend a hand.

Caught being uber: Kallirawr, Cairne (US-Alliance) While leveling my latest alt, and first alliance character, through Zul'Drak, I figured the Amphitheater of Anguish quests would be good for some fast XP and gold. Knowing there are usually people there looking for groups, I headed over figuring worst case, my heirlooms and hunter pet would let me get through the first few bosses while I waited to find members of a group.

Much to my surprise, there was a level 90 Worgen Hunter, Kallirawr from US-Cairne just chilling at the Amphitheater waiting for lowbies to show up needing a group. With his help, I was in and out in less than 5 minutes with a big chunk of XP and a decent amount of gold. Without thinking, I opened a trade window to give him some of the gold I had earned and before I could get the warning that cross realm trades are not permitted, he was closing the trade window telling me that he didn't want or need anything for his help.

It was a real pleasure to encounter a player who was willing to spend some of his gaming time helping others knowing that he wouldn't be able to get any rewards other than the satisfaction of helping a fellow gamer!! Thanks & Cheers! -- Trin/@Mageycake

Caught being uber: Morithanra, Battle.net customer service rep So I wanted to make a new priest but the name I wanted was taken so I opened up a ticket asking a GM if there was a way to get the name and the GM responded with :

Game Master Macho-Man Morithanra Savage here! The Macho-man would love to help get this name for you! I found the low-down, dirty gnome with the name you were after and popped all my BEASTMODE cooldowns!!! Lemme just tell you that when the Macho-man hits a gnome with a chair, it can be heard from space!!!! WOOOOO!!! I snapped the tiny pink-haired monster like a Slim-jim!! OOHHH YEAHHHH!! I seriously doubt he will be able to remember his name after tonight so it should now be available to the first person to claim it. The Macho-man hopes this helps to make your week a little more amazing.

Oh and the Macho-man heard you like GM jokes so here's one:
You see them rogues hiding over there?
Of course you don't! They're hiding behind these ROCKS!! /FLEX

Game Master Macho-Man Morithanra Savage
Multidimensional Heavy-Weight Champion of the Worlds
Blizzard Entertainment

I swear I have never laughed so hard in my whole life, being that I watch wrestling this totally made my week! I also sent the reply to all my other guildies who watch wrestling too! You totally deserve a raise and a paid vacation! Thanks again. –- Sarsaparilla, Sargeras (US-Alliance)

Caught being uber: Eldre'thalas Alliance players Just wanted to send a quick note to all of my Alliance faction-mates on Eldre'thalas and say "Thank You" for helping me complete my legendary cloak quest.

I needed Xuen to complete the quest chain, and even though it was the night before the reset and already quite late, they stepped up and helped me down Chi-Ji first and then Xuen. Expected it to be harder to get these 4 celestials downed this late into the patch, but thanks to all of the Alliance that were online tonight (Dec 2), I got my first legendary!

Considering this is my only toon (yes, I'm one of those rare people that doesn't have any alts!), this was extremely exciting for me and my guildmates. Thanks everyone...it is much appreciated! -- Chenhung, Eldre'thalas (US-Alliance)

Caught being uber: Rocky, Frostmourne (US-Horde) I just wanted to share an experience I had while leveling my mage just now. While running through the Blasted Lands, I was attempting to complete the quest 'The Altar of Storms'. Another group showed up and started the ritual, locking me out from completing it.

Encouragingly, the leader of the group, Rocky- a lvl 90 Paladin from Frostmourne - sent me a group invite allowing me to complete the quest with them. They invited me to continue on with them in to Outland to complete some dungeon runs which gave me the boost I needed to skip through Hellfire Peninsula altogether. It was a small act of kindness that went a long way. -- Anonymous

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Until next week -- be excellent to each other!
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