Southwest Airlines offers iOS users $2 iMessaging

Southwest Airlines just announced a new deal for iOS users. Instead of ponying up US$8 for all-day, in-flight WiFi, people with iPads or iPhones can get all-day iMessaging for $2.

According to the airline "any Apple user that has iOS 5 or later with the iMessage feature pre-loaded on their device can take advantage of this option. Now you can stay powered up and connected to friends and family like you never left the ground."

This is a pretty clever idea that will please a lot of holiday travelers who might want to keep in touch with family and friends while they are in the air, or update them on those frequent late arrivals. It's only a quarter the cost of full WiFi, so it might be a pretty popular option.

The new service begins today. As of now, it's for iOS only, although Android options are in the works.