The Queue: Breaking The Chains

Matthew Rossi
M. Rossi|12.12.13

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The Queue: Breaking The Chains
Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Matthew Rossi is anxious for Justice League: War to come out so he can see what this would look like animated.

Turns out Superman's a fan of old Dokken songs. He kinda always has been, but as much as I don't particularly like this version of the costume, I do like Jim Lee's art on it. It was a toss up between this pic and Supes throttling Batman for me, but I went with this one. It's very nostalgic.

Anyway, on to your WoW questions.

sergel92 asks:
How do you all feel about public instances/dungeons? I mean in a general sense.

I kind of like the idea overall. More complex than simple world bosses and more story and anyone can help out. I think the implementation of them would be tricky though.

Back in the day, we had Jintha'Alor, which pretty much was this. It was a zone full of hard mobs and elites, which could challenge whole groups for certain fights, and a series of group quests to be completed. I think with the technology introduced in Mists for mob scaling and tag sharing, it could be time to bring this sort of 'zone within a zone' back to prominence.

Wrathofkublakhan asks:
I am wondering if anyone else gets annoyed at green gear to be rolled on during trash runs between bosses in SoO? Nobody needs or wants this stuff. You are running along, healing a bunch of people and suddenly five green gears show up to greed/disenchant. It's minor yet mildly frustrating.

I'm sure others get annoyed by it. I don't care at all, because we have a person designated to roll on all that stuff and everyone else passes, so I have my UI set to autopass on greens in raids. But if I didn't have that, it would probably bug me. Then again, I'm an enchanter, so I love the mats.

Enerdhil asks:
Q4TQ: Last night, I got an heirloom bow from Garrosh (I play a Hunter). While that's great and all, I already got an heirloom bow once before, which is now sitting in my bank. I thought the second heirloom you'd get would be a random pick from all the heirlooms available. Am I just really unlucky and got the bow randomly, or does it simply keep awarding the same class-based heirloom over and over again?

You got unlucky. The first heirloom that drops for you will be good for your current spec (because the heirloom is as good as any other drop in the instance with upgrades included) and after that, it's purely random. You just got a bad roll of the dice.

Oreettroll asks:
Question for the Queue:
Why are there so many questions featured about Orc skin, time travel, and things about the upcoming expansion that no one knows the answer to yet? I'm sure there's got to be at least a few legit questions people are asking that couldn't just be answered with the same answer that was used a few days ago. I realize that with the end of the expansion, there's a clamor for info on the next expansion, but we don't have any of that information yet

You have to dance with the one who brought you, Oreettroll. If we get a ton of questions on those subjects (and we do) we have to at least try to answer them, and frankly, just saying "we don't know yet" just isn't as much fun. Many times, we don't answer other questions not because they aren't interesting to us, but because they got so thoroughly answered in the comments that it just wouldn't make sense to rehash them.

Unrelated to any comments:
I just wanted to say that Krull rocks. Here, let's have some Krull.

Remember, it's okay to stick your hand in glowing red fluid in a cave if there's a glaive in there.

Ron2 asks:
I thought the Exodar crash was the result of in-flight sabotage by the Blood Elves. Do the passengers perceive the flight differently?

That's exactly what happened, in fact. Kael'thas and his loyal blood elves hijacked Tempest Keep, then Velen and his followers managed to steal the Exodar from them, and some blood elves left on board sabotaged the ship. Velen even orders the draenei player in the starting zone to kill the blood elves responsible. Yes, even Velen can be pushed too far.

RobertShepard asks:
Q4TQ Will the alternate Frostwolf clan be enemies of the Alliance in WAD? It doesnt make sense for them to be as they need allies, and they have no history with the Alliance.

How eager would you be to ally with a whole lot of aliens that you've never seen or heard of before who hate you? They babble nonsense about orcs as if they've seen or heard of them, talking madness about demon blood and invasions when they're the ones invading your planet. Meanwhile, there's some strange orcs talking to you and proposing an alliance. Now, sure, they're weird, but they're orcs. They're not freaky alien invaders.

What I'm saying is, the Frostwolves have no real reason to work with the Alliance. At best, they know that these strange purple long eared people, short beard people, even shorter gadget people, and the rest are allies with the draenei, who they still don't trust very much. At worst, they thing these weird people have invaded their world to try and destroy them and take over.

And that's the Queue for today. Remember, Superman breaks chains and the glaive can destroy the beast.
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