Foxconn still not in compliance with all local labor laws, but it's getting better

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Sean Buckley
December 13th, 2013
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Foxconn still not in compliance with all local labor laws, but it's getting better

Remember when Apple and Foxconn pledged to improve working conditions, increase wages and limit work weeks to 60 hours? Turns out they're still working on that. According to a recent investigation by China's Fair Labor Association, Hon Hai Precision (Foxconn's official name) is "not in compliance" with laws limiting overtime to 36 hours a month. Even so, the company has made significant progress: according to the FLA, Foxconn has completed 356 of the 360 items it agreed to when it promised to improve working conditions. In fact, the company seems to be taking the audit as a compliment.

"The results of the report demonstrate substantial overall progress by our company in carrying out the 15-month remedial program in many areas," Foxconn officials said. "However, we recognize that there is more to be done and we must continue to sustain this progress and further enhance our operations." Apple followed up the company's optimistic response with its own statement, noting that the average work week at all of its suppliers was 53 hours, well under the 60 hour limit. The company also made progress by improving facilities, building more exits and adding more toilets. There's still work to do, but both companies have promised to do everything they can to resolve the remaining issues.

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