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Brad McQuaid delays Kickstarter until January

Brad McQuaid delays Kickstarter until January
Eliot Lefebvre
Eliot Lefebvre|December 17, 2013 1:30 PM
Oh, right, this is happening.
Would you like to give Brad McQuaid a whole lot of money to make another game after Vanguard? Well, you'll just have to wait a bit longer. In a recent Twitter update, McQuaid stated that the Kickstarter for his next project will be delayed until January due to the challenge of raising funds during the holiday season. He also promised followers that the delay will mean showing off more of the game when the project goes live.

No one knows what the project will look like at this point, although McQuaid's previous statements have indicated that it's meant as a throwback to the days of the original EverQuest and the first iterations of Vanguard. If that sounds like exactly what you'd like to play... well, as we said, you'll have to wait a little while to fund it. But it's coming.
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Brad McQuaid delays Kickstarter until January