100 Turn Hero to take a turn on iOS on January 17 in Japan

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100 Turn Hero to take a turn on iOS on January 17 in Japan
Kotaro Yoshida, designer of the frantic, condensed take on lengthy RPGs known as Half-Minute Hero, is changing up his numerical restrictions in a new project called 100 Turn Hero. Famitsu's glimpse of the project, translated by Siliconera, notes that the game will take up its quest on January 17 on iOS devices for 100 yen ($.95).

If the name is to be taken literally, requiring players to slay enemies in stages with 100 turns or less would play fairly differently from Half-Minute Hero's frenzied, stab-first-ask-questions-later butchering of beasts.

Unforunately, Half-Minute Hero's sequel was never localized, so there's no guarantee 100 Turn Hero will be brought over to a Western audience.
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