McQuaid tweets teaser pic for his mystery MMO

MJ Guthrie
M. Guthrie|12.31.13

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McQuaid tweets teaser pic for his mystery MMO
Back in September, Brad McQuaid let fans know he was working on a secret MMO, but has remained pretty tight-lipped about things since then. Now, McQuaid has taken to Twitter to tease interested fans with a tiny morsel: a beefy armored man with a broadsword (that's quite true to its name) sitting on an elaborate horned throne. Astute observers may question the significance of the solid blue eyes, which are reminiscent of a certain classic sci-fi story.

More details will be available once this mystery MMO's Kickstarter is launched sometime in January. Until then, check out the full image of this imposing figure below.

[Thanks to BabaGraPL for the tip!]

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