To the Moon mini-episode takes flight for free today

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Jessica Conditt
January 1st, 2014
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To the Moon mini-episode takes flight for free today
To the Moon, the emotional adventure from indie developer Freebird Games, now has 20 more minutes of feelings and platypuses in a free mini-episode that dropped today. It's available in the Steam files, via Freebird or, if that site remains under heavy load, through these mirrors.

The new episode is half holiday treat and half restitution for the delay of A Bird Story, Freebird's next game that was initially slated to launch in 2013. The freebie is a lighthearted romp in Sigmund Corp with a tiny nod to Johnny's story from To the Moon, creator Kan Gao says.

"Sorry that A Bird Story's running late, but at least Eva and Neil get to make a short return sooner than expected," Freebird wrote on Facebook in December.

To the Moon will have Steam Trading Cards soon, with a preview of those included in the gallery below.
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