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Doritos Crash Course 'City Lights' DLC stumbles onto Xbox Live


Xbox Live Arcade advergame slash Avatar masochism engine Doritos Crash Course has some new premium DLC available today. The City Lights DLC adds ten new courses to Doritos Crash Course, spanning Las Vegas and London, plus new versions of the Japan levels found in the vanilla game and new Achievements to unlock – all for 160 MS Points ($2).

Doritos Crash Course is the winner of the Doritos "Unlock Xbox" challenge, which sought to give budding game designers a bulletin board to lay out their ideas; the best would then be chosen and have their games made. Crash Course is the brainchild of Jill Robertson, who won a hefty sum of cash for the killer idea and managed to best out the other top contender, Justin Carpenter's Harm's Way. In the end, both games were made and are free downloads on Xbox Live Arcade to this day.

[Thanks, Jim.]

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