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iOS 6.1.1 rolling out for the iPhone 4S


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Well, iOS 6.1 is still pretty young, but 6.1.1 is already hitting the airwaves. At least for some iPhone 4S owners that is. We've been able to confirm availability of the upgrade on multiple 4S handsets, but have not seen it yet on an iPod touch or any other iPhone model. The notification screen does specifically call out the update as fixing issues relating to "cellular performance and reliability" on the iPhone 4S, so it's quite likely the update will be for that device only. While better signal reliability would be a welcome upgrade, the bug we've heard the most complaints about is the seriously diminished battery life under 6.1. Unfortunately the pseudo-changelog that appears alongside the update make no mention of improved longevity. Other tweaks rumored to be landing with this version, including better Maps support in Japan, will have to wait for a future release like 6.2.

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