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Persona 4 Arena bashes Europe May 10


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Persona 4 Arena finally has a European release date of May 10. After last week saw the silhouette of a May window fizzling onto the Midnight Channel - or distributor Zen United's Facebook page - today's much clearer announcement means the brawling follow-up to Persona 4 reaches the continent just under a year after its release in Japan.

Arena's much-delayed arrival on the continent is compounded by Atlus' decision to region-lock the game, including the recent PSN version in North America. Europe originally expected the PS3 and Xbox 360 game on August 31, and then before the end of 2012.

Zen United says it doesn't expect to have to announce any further delays, the distributor instead cheerily revealing a pre-order bonus from all retailers, which includes the original P4A Arrange soundtrack, some exclusive artwork, and a "Digital Fan Pack."

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