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Photos from the night Steve Jobs returned to Apple

Former Apple employee and Mac OS evangelist Tim Holmes has posted a series of photos on his Flickr account from December 20, 1996. That's the night Steve Jobs returned to Apple after an 11-year absence. As Holmes explains on Flickr:

Working late on a Friday on December 20th at Apple Computer as Mac OS Evangelist, my manager came rushing past my office door saying to come with him to Town Hall, Apple's theater for announcements, company meetings and the like. It was clearly not a company meeting...

I called Mitch, my wife who also worked there at the time, and told her meet me there. We had no idea what was about to happen...

I tend to take a camera everywhere, so I had my Apple QuickTake camera, which Steve Jobs killed within the year. The colors are way off due to the poor quality of digital cameras in 1996, Steve's jacket was black in real life.

Holmes has posted 12 photos with an explanation for each one. They're a fascinating look back at Apple's history and a historic night in Steve Jobs' life.

[Image credit: Tim Holmes]

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