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EA revenues over $1B in fiscal Q4, down from last year


Following a weak third quarter in its fiscal 2013 calendar, EA has reported strong digital sales in the home stretch but an overall decline in revenue. The three months leading to March 31, 2013, generated $1.209 billion for EA, compared to last year's final quarter revenue of $1.368 billion.

Digital sales in particular showed a 22 percent increase in cash flow to the tune of $108 million, over $88 million during the same period as last year. In the financial report, EA claimed it was the top global publisher on the iOS App store for the entirety of its fiscal 2013.

As for full fiscal year performance, EA reported net revenue of $3.797 billion, down from $4.143 billion in 2012. FIFA 13 sold 14.5 million copies for EA, a 30 percent increase over last year's game, and Battlefield 3's Premium subscription service generated $120 million. SimCity has sold 1.6 million copies, with half of those sales coming via online purchases.

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