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NNG intros NavFusion, says it's bringing 'true smartphone integration' to cars


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Smartphone integration in cars isn't exactly a novel affair in this day and age, even if it hasn't reached its full potential yet. NNG (formerly Nav N Go), for one, seems to think it could help improve this type of implementation, which is why it's introducing NavFusion. With the newly announced feature for its own infotainment systems, NNG says that it will be "merging the advantages of the reliable and deeply integrated in-vehicle navigation and the smartphone's personal nature, internet connection, and flexibility." To make this work properly, the company plans on offering apps for Android and iOS devices, allowing drivers to seamlessly link up their smartphone and be able to view a slew of info on the head unit -- things like contacts, maps, navigation history and planned routes. NavFusion will be part of the new iGo Navigation, and while it's still a work in progress, NNG's quick to point out that it's already lined up some undisclosed OEMs ahead of the expected launch in Q1 of next year.

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NNG's NavFusion™: True Smartphone Integration to the Car

NNG Leads in Useful Integration of the Smartphone

Telematics Detroit
DETROIT--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today NNG announced NavFusion™, its latest innovation in navigation, at Telematics Detroit 2013, the annual conference and exhibition. NavFusion is the newest feature set of iGO Navigation, developed by the global navigation software provider for its automotive OEM and aftermarket partners. It takes the onboard navigation experience to a new level by merging the advantages of the reliable and deeply integrated in-vehicle navigation and the smartphone's personal nature, Internet connection, and flexibility.

NavFusion Essentials:

The car's NavFusion-supported infotainment system is fully functional as the vehicle leaves the production line. By downloading the free NavFusion application from iTunes App Store or Google Play, and then linking the smartphone to the head-unit, all navigation-related content is synchronized in the background. The process makes map and content updates in the head-unit simple and effort free. Contacts, favorites, navigation history, planned routes, and maps are synced between smartphone and head-unit.

The connection between the smartphone and the infotainment system is achieved through future proof, globally standardized protocols such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB cable, thus enabling live and connected services such as online local search, weather, traffic and fuel prices – all available through the main interface of the vehicle.

Why NavFusion?

"We just solved the biggest headache of car makers: the ultimate solution for keeping the navigation maps and content of a multimedia unit up-to-date. With NavFusion, we're not only enhancing the driving experience with map updates and the integration of personal smartphone content, but we're also increasing customer satisfaction and reducing customer-support related costs," said Péter Balogh, CEO of NNG.

"We strongly believe that the future of automotive infotainment is all about smartphone connectivity, content updates and synchronization. NavFusion offers all this, integrated into the reliable, globally localized iGO Navigation software, while maintaining the automotive quality of the car systems. Using the Nav Fusion feature set enables the use of a fully approved and certified navigation system with the user experience of a smartphone," added Balogh.

NavFusion to Market:

NNG already has several OEM partners lined up to deliver NavFusion into their future cars around the globe. The individual product solutions are currently being customized for the partners' projects. The first iGO Navigation software with the NavFusion feature set is expected to launch in Q1 2014.


NNG is the leading navigation solution provider for the Automotive, Personal and Wireless navigation markets, offering on-board, 3D navigation applications that incorporate connected features and a universal, online update portal. The core technology is based on the standard-setting iGO Navigation Engine, comprising innovative navigation software, fluid User Interfaces, and related content and services to device manufacturers, auto makers, network operators, professional transport specialists and individual users globally.

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