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Australian government supports local indie devs with $6M grant


Australia's government-sponsored media funding body Screen Australia announced its support for local indie game developers, promising to pay out a $6 million grant over the next three years.

The stimulus arrives in response to a sharp decline in industry income and employment. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, local game industry employment dropped from 1,431 to 581 people between 2011 and 2012. Screen Australia announced its funding in the hopes that local developers will "grow the business, retain intellectual property, keep a skilled workforce and raise the necessary finance."

The following ten indie studios will share the grant:

- Defiant Development (QLD) Morgan Jaffit, Dan Treble
- ODD Games (SA) Ben Marsh, Terry O'Donoghue, David O'Donoghue
- Soap Creative (NSW) Ashley Ringrose, Bradley Eldridge
- Tantalus Media (VIC) Tom Crago
- Tin Man Games (VIC) Ben Britten Smith, Neil Rennison
- Torus Games (VIC) Bill McIntosh
- Twiitch (VIC) Steven Spagnolo, Shane Stevens
- Uppercut Games (NSW/ACT) Andrew James, Ryan Lancaster, Ed Orman
- The Voxel Agents (VIC) Simon Joslin, Matthew Clark
- Wicked Witch Software (VIC) Daniel Visser

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