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Moto X coming to Canada as a Rogers exclusive priced at $190 on a two-year contract


Motorola just made headlines here in the US with the official unveiling of the Moto X, and now it's making waves with similar news in the Great White North. That's right folks, the Moto X is coming to Canada, but will be exclusively available to customers of Rogers. The handset arrives in August for as low as $189.99 when attached to a two-year contract, and existing Rogers customers can reserve one for their very own right now. Unfortunately, the X will only be available in black or white (initially, at least), but hopefully additional colors and perhaps even the wood veneer versions will come later -- we're thinking maple's a good way to go.

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Moto X(TM). Ready when you are.
Moto X™ responds to your voice, with no touching necessary. Just say "OK Google Now" to get started.

TORONTO, Aug. 1, 2013 /CNW/ - Meet Moto X™ by Motorola, the ultimate wingman, because your smartphone should work for you-not the other way around. Moto X represents the best of Motorola and Google, and it's coming to Canada exclusively for Rogers Wireless customers.

Moto X has a unique curved back, designed to fit your hand. Talk to Moto X and it learns your voice. With Google Now, it tells you what you need to know - even when you're not touching it. With two flicks of your wrist, Moto X becomes your camera and captures the shots you used to miss. It's ready when you are.

"At Motorola our roots are deep in mobile hardware - we invented mobile communications," says Odile Guinot, vice-president of sales and general manager, Motorola Mobility Canada. "Now, as a Google company, we've become the kind of company that can build a smartphone like Moto X. It fuses our history of mobile innovation with the best of Google mobile services."

"We're thrilled to bring the innovative, 2600 MHz LTE-enabled, Moto X, exclusively to Rogers customers," said Raj Doshi, senior vice president of products, Rogers Communications. "Moto X on the blazing-fast Rogers LTE network gives customers an incredibly fast, premium wireless experience, allowing them to download large files on the go, stream music and video, and to stay connected through social media apps so they never miss a beat."

No touching.

To use your Moto X, you only need your voice. Without touching it at all, you can get directions, set an alarm or do just about anything-just by talking. Say "OK Google Now" to get started. Ask it if you need an umbrella and it gives you up-to-the-minute weather for your location. Tell it you're going home, and your Moto X will get you there. Because it knows your voice, Moto X can do things other phones can't.

Moto X is always ready to tell you what you need to know. Instead of an unhelpful blinking light, Moto X gives you useful info at a glance with Active Display, which appear right on screen. Even while it's asleep, it's always on top of things. A last-minute dinner invite? A missed call from your boss? A key email while an important meeting is going on? It doesn't interrupt.

Get the shot.

Moto X knows you need a camera, and it's always ready to go. Just twist your wrist twice and it's ready. Touch anywhere on the screen, and you'll get the shot. All in just a few seconds. Continuous shooting capabilities, as well as a ten megapixel camera, mean the photos you do take are the ones you want. With Moto X, you'll always get the shot.

Even smarter.

Don't have your Moto X nearby? The Motorola Connect extension for Google Chrome™ lets you see and respond to notifications and text messages - right from your desktop. Hate the hassle of switching phones? Motorola Migrate makes it easy to transfer the contents of your old phone1 onto your Moto X. Just pair your phone to your Moto X through WiFi direct and your photos, texts, SIM contacts and even your call history and some settings will be transferred. Just a few example of how Moto X puts the smart in smartphone.

Moto X will be available in black or white exclusively to Rogers Wireless customers this August for as little as $189.99 on select two-year plans. Existing Rogers wireless customers can reserve theirs on the Rogers Reservation System* and new customers can sign up for updates on availability at For more information, please visit

About Motorola

Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, creates smartphones, tablets and wireless accessories that simplify, connect and enrich people's lives. For more information, visit

1 - Previous device must be Android Froyo 2.2 and higher

Certain features, services and applications are network dependent and may not be available in all areas; additional terms, conditions and/or charges may apply. Contact your service provider for details. All features, functionality and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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