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Wii Sports Club brings back Wii Sports in HD, various pricing models


The fab five Wii Sports games that helped sell millions of original Wii consoles are coming back in HD for the Wii U. Nintendo announced this morning that Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, Boxing and Golf will be released individually with HD graphics on the Nintendo eShop. Tennis and Bowling will be available November 7 through the Nintendo eShop, with Boxing, Baseball and Golf in the "months ahead."

The new versions will also include "enhanced controls" with the Wii MotionPlus, along with online multiplayer versus mode. It will also allow players to register and create state or regional clubs.

"People will be able to play casually against members of their own club, or take on members of rival clubs to increase their club rankings," is how Nintendo describes it.

Now for the pricing: Downloading Wii Sports Club will grant a 24-hour trial period to available games. After the trial, there is a "Day Pass" available for $1.99 or a permanent purchase of an individual sport for $9.99. Using our Fisher-Price calculator with big, bright buttons, we calculate the full game to cost $50.

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