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38 Studios asset auction may be delayed due to high demand

Eliot Lefebvre

When companies die, their assets are sold to make back whatever money can be recovered. That's normal. But you wouldn't expect a great deal of interest in the intellectual property of a company that had worked on only two games and actually released just one of them. Apparently that expectation would be wrong; Richard Land, the attorney in charge of selling off 38 Studios' holdings, has requested that the IP auction be delayed due to greater interest than expected.

For those of you who had forgotten the details, here's a recap: The sale of these assets are part of an attempt by the state of Rhode Island to recover some of the enormous losses when 38 Studios went bankrupt following a $75 million loan from the state. The auction was originally scheduled to take place November 13th to the 14th. What parties are interested in the IP remains to be seen, as do the offers that have supposedly been put on the table.

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