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FreedomPop now lets you bring your own phone, offers $99 HTC Evo 4G


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FreedomPop's free cellphone plan is tempting, but we doubt that everyone wants to use one of the carrier's few available handsets. Thankfully, they won't have to. The discount provider has just launched a bring-your-own option that lets anyone with a compatible Sprint phone (CDMA plus LTE or WiMAX) jump on FreedomPop's extra-frugal services. Subscribers who don't yet have a phone are getting a little more choice at the same time; the carrier is simultaneously resurrecting the HTC Evo 4G, which is available for $99 contract-free. You'll still have to live in an area with healthy Sprint coverage for FreedomPop's plans to make sense, but the new option means that you won't have to abandon a favorite device if you're interested in switching.

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