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Foxconn reveals plans for US-based manufacturing facility


iPhone manufacturing powerhouse Foxconn is planning to drop a cool $40 million in the United States to build a manufacturing facility for telecom and internet products, according to company chairman Terry Gou. Bloomberg reports the facility will be located in Harrisburg, Penn., where Foxconn already runs a small manufacturing operation. The new factory will employ roughly 500 people.

Foxconn has been eyeing an expansion of its North American operations for some time already. Late last year, there were rumblings that the company would push for a larger US presence, and this may finally be the culmination of those rumored plans.

This announcement doesn't necessarily mean that Foxconn will be hammering away at iPhones or iPads in its new US digs, as the company manufactures hardware for a huge list of tech giants including Sony, Dell, Amazon and Nintendo. But with Apple putting an increasing emphasis on US-made products, it's certainly not out of the question.

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