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Don't Starve plushie funded in 90 minutes


Indie darling Don't Starve must be a hit, as a plush doll based on one of the game's ancillary characters was able to meet its $15,000 Kickstarter goal in less than two hours.

Currently the fundraising effort sits at $48,746 with the full 30 days remaining on its countdown clock. For those bad at math, that's nearly 3.25 times more cash than the $15,000 the fundraising effort was initially seeking.

What could inspire such a generous outpouring of money? Chester, a helpful character found in Don't Starve who is something of a fuzzy chest that players can use to store their in-game items. He doesn't look like much - imagine Chester as a cross between a garbage can, a pig with inexplicable devil horns and a few shag carpet samples - but he is quite useful, and his bizarre, almost Henson-esque good looks have apparently struck a chord with fans.

Reacting to news that the Kickstarter has proven a phenomenal success so quickly, the developers of Don't Starve will be adding a new variation of Chester to the game. Dubbed "Shadow Chester," this new character features three additional inventory slots as well as a more sinister color scheme. There's currently no word on when Shadow Chester might make its in-game debut.

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