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AT&T's Galaxy S 4 starts receiving Android 4.3 (again), Galaxy Gear gets compatibility update


Earlier this month, AT&T began rolling out Android 4.3 to its variant of the Galaxy S 4, only to have it pulled in order to focus on "potential improvements." Here's the good news: the Rethink Possible carrier today started the process of, once again, bringing the Jelly Bean updates to Samsung's flagship smartphone. As a refresher, Android 4.3 brings a lot of improvements and enhancements that make the overall experience an even more pleasant one -- some of which include OpenGL ES 3.0 support, Bluetooth Smart technology and enriched notification access. What's more, AT&T's also releasing an update for the Galaxy Gear that makes it compatible with the GS4, which is great news for folks on the network who own both Samsung devices. Let us know in the comments how these updates are working out for you thus far -- and here's hoping this one is here to stay.

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