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Saints Row 4 'Hey Ash' DLC makes homies out of the Burch family


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A new slice of DLC for Saints Row 4 adds the Burch family, of Hey Ash Whatcha' Playin'? fame, to your crew. For $2.99 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, you can add Anthony Burch, Ashly Burch and their father, Papa Burch, to your stable of homies.

While Papa Burch is best known for his appearances in the Hey Ash videos, Ashly is a budding voice actress who plays Tiny Tina in the Borderlands series and most recently signed on to lend her pipes to Scale, while Anthony served as lead writer on Borderlands 2.

Saints Row 4 launched back in August. In our review, we thoroughly lauded the game for improving upon its predecessor in every conceivable way. "Volition's skill for building a living world, lovable characters and ingenious gameplay is as sharply honed as ever."

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