New year, new TUAW hardware reviews

Over the years, TUAW has dramatically increased the number of hardware reviews that are published. This year, we'll be changing the way we do our product reviews to not only make it possible for us to publish even more reviews, but to give our readers a much easier way to compare items in the same product category.

To start with, we're cutting down the average length of a product review. There is more raw information and less in terms of descriptive prose, so that you can get to the meat of a review quickly without poring through a 1,500-word description.

Each item reviewed now receives a star rating as well. Hardware receives a rating from zero to four stars, with four stars being a world-class product that has few equals, while zero-star products should be avoided at all costs.

Our reviews will also include links to previous reviews of similar items, in order to make it simple for you to make comparisons. Note that we're transitioning from our old format, so you may still see the occasional long-format review.

As with any new process, there are sure to be a few bumps in the road as we gain familiarity with the new format, but we appreciate your feedback. If you have any comments as we move ahead, please use the "Tip Us" button at the upper-right side of this page to send them to us.