Crowdfund Bookie, December 2013: Squeaking by

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Crowdfund Bookie, December 2013: Squeaking by
The Crowdfund Bookie crunches data from select successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns that ended during the month and produces pretty charts for you to look at.

As the weeks go by, the video game crowdfunding space appears to be under a shift of sorts. December 2013 saw the second-lowest total amount of dollars raised by gaming projects ($2,331,061) in the last seven months, since we began tracking such data. Unlike September 2013's $2,211,975 raised, backers in December managed to fund 40 projects, the second-highest number of successful projects in, again, the past seven months.

December 2013 is the first month in which crowdfunded projects failed to raise $1 million over the top of their combined project goals, toppling the combined goal amount by $568,518. While it still seems like a lot of extra money, that averages out to $14,213 in extra dollars for each of the 40 crowdfunders last month.

The trends we've tracked to this point indicated that crowdfunding was especially a boon for creators to reach stretch goals to bring games to additional platforms. Therefore, December's numbers go against the grain, showing that money spread out a bit more evenly across more projects. Whether that has anything to do with the holiday season is unclear.

Head past the break to see the month's breakdown by genre as well as a list of December's top five-earning games.
  1. The Mandate by Perihelion Interactive - $701,010
  2. Trainz Simulator: A New Era by N3V Games - $170,446
  3. Paradise Lost: First Contact by Ashtree Works - $144,960
  4. Stasis by Christopher Bischoff - $132,523
  5. Ever, Jane by Judy L Tyrer - $109,563
Action (11): $338,332 (148.01%) by 12,576 people ($26.90 mean average)
Adventure (8): $354,196 (123.90%) by 12,447 people ($28.46 mean average)
Platformer (3): $75,028 (117.41%) by 1,359 people ($55.21 mean average)
Puzzle (2): $103,720 (109.88%) by 2,020 people ($51.35 mean average)
RPG (6): $230,145 (136.03%) by 6,735 people ($34.17 mean average)
Simulation (4): $334,992 (117.99%) by 6,434 people ($52.07 mean average)
Strategy (6): $894,648 (140.52%) by 20,676 people ($43.27 mean average)
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