Survey shows American household adoption rates for technology

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Survey shows American household adoption rates for technology
Recent stories about virtual reality headsets, gaming PCs for living rooms and pizza-ordering apps that minimize human interaction all share an origin: CES 2014, a convention dedicated to showcasing advancements in technology that might become as commonplace as smartphones, or as muted in success as the Betamax. It's fun to try and predict future trends, but Gallup's recent poll of Americans concerning their household tech might help to keep our expectations grounded.

Yeah, the perfect-for-Blu-ray 4K TVs are closing in on feasible price points. That's potentially attractive to the 80 percent of respondents with DVD or Blu-Ray players, but how quickly will the 58 percent of households that still own VCRs upgrade? Millions of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles have found new homes across the globe, but only 41 percent of respondents have any form of gaming console underneath their TVs.

Valve and its business partners hope to find a market for Steam Machines, but just 57 percent of respondents reported desktop computers in their homes. With 38 percent noting ownership of tablets and the increased presence of laptops from 30 percent in 2005 to 64 percent in 2013, finding consumers willing to buy a gaming-oriented PC for their living rooms might be tough.

We're hoping Gallup conducts another poll in 2015, in which 100 percent of responders will confirm the presence of hover boards and flying cars in their selection of vehicles.

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