Battlegrounds in 5 seconds: Deepwind Gorge, Temple of Kotmogu, Silvershard Mines

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Battlegrounds in 5 seconds: Deepwind Gorge, Temple of Kotmogu, Silvershard Mines
One of the things which came up from my earlier posts about the basics and mentality of how to PvP, as well as the initial gearing and more in-depth gearing post, was that it might be helpful for some players to put together a Bosses in 5 seconds-style guide for battlegrounds. No, I'm not going into in-depth strategy here, that's something for another day, these are just quick, light guides for each BG to help someone out who has no idea what they're doing.

Deepwind Gorge
  • First team to 1600 gold wins.
  • Capturing mines earns gold per mine per second.
  • There are three mines in a line. From north to south, Pandaren, Center, Goblin.
  • Horde have a minor advantage capping the Goblin mine, Alliance with the Pandaren mine.
  • Carts can be picked up by clicking them. Picking up a cart removes 200 gold from your opponent's total, capturing the cart adds 200 gold to yours. If they return the cart before it's captured, they get that 200 gold back.
  • You pick up the cart in the opposing faction base, and carry it all the way back to your own base. Killing the cart carrier makes them drop it, then it can be picked up or returned. Some speed boosts work while you're pulling the cart.
  • Priority to win: Hold 2 bases, prevent the enemy from capturing your cart, capture the enemy cart. More detail here.

Temple of Kotmogu
  • First team to 1600 points wins.
  • To earn points, you need to pick up the orbs. There's Orange, Red, Green and Purple.
  • The points you earn depends on where you hold the orbs and how long you hold them for.
  • Killing a player returns the orb to the orb holders in the corner of the courtyard.
  • To pick up an orb, just run up to it and click it. It will appear on your head and you'll have a beam of light on you. Holding an orb gives you a stacking debuff that makes you take more damage.
  • The zones and points earned for being in them are mapped below.
  • Priority to win: Kill enemy orb-holders, protect your orb holders, pick up orbs as quickly as possible. More detail here.
  • Top tip: Stacking up with healers in the four corner alcoves around the edge of the red-outlined 5-point area is a great way to protect orb-holders.
New Mists of Pandaria Battlegrounds Temple of Kotmogu

Silvershard Mines
  • First team to 1600 resources wins
  • Gain points by controlling carts as they arrive at the ends of the three rail lines.
  • Carts spawn in the central depot in the middle of the map (black ring) and travel along one of three lines, often (but not always) called Lava, Water (or South) and North (or West) These are the green rings on the map below.
  • To control a cart, you need more players from your faction alive in the ring that surrounds it than the other faction has.
  • The shortest run from depot to end is Lava, then Water, then North.
  • Activating the points (yellow rings) in Lava and North change the direction of the cart run.
  • Priority to win: Capture carts, hold them until the end of the run! Abandon carts where you are overwhelmed, they spawn quickly. Move as a group. More detail here.
The new Mists of Pandaria Battlegrounds

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