Christian-themed shooter Super Noah's Ark 3D returns to SNES

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Christian-themed shooter Super Noah's Ark 3D returns to SNES
Twenty years after it earned notoriety as the sole unlicensed game on the Super Nintendo (not to mention a Christian-themed, first-person shooter), Super Noah's Ark 3D has returned to the console.

For those unaware, Super Noah's Ark 3D isn't a very good game, but it is rare and collectors view it as an interesting piece of trivia given that the game was built on top of id Software's Wolfenstein 3D engine. Creator Wisdom Tree was refused a license for SNES development due to the game's overt religious imagery, so after relying on a special pass-through cartridge designed to circumvent the anti-piracy measures of the SNES, the game was released via mail order and in certain specialty stores. Nintendo's restrictions against religious imagery no longer apply to the SNES, allowing retro developer Piko Interactive to license and re-release the game on a proper SNES cartridge.

If you visit Piko Interactive's site, you'll find the game listed at $40. That price is for the cartridge by itself, though if you'd like a box and manual to go along with your new old game, the price jumps to $70.
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