Alienware Steam Machine makes contact in September

Alienware's Steam Machine will launch in September, the company announced today at the Steam Dev Days conference. Alienware didn't provide any specs or pricing, but did say it's using a Haswell chip and it will "constantly update" the box, Hot Blooded Games CFO Dave Oshry tweeted.

Take a closer look at Alienware's Steam Machine, along with 12 other boxes from different manufacturers, in our galleries from CES.

During Steam Dev Days, which is open to developers and publishers only, Valve's Steam Machines team stressed that it accounts for the entire living room experience, not only gaming, with the new hardware initiative. Consoles and PCs have to only ship with a Steam Controller and SteamOS, Valve's Linux-based operating system, to be considered Steam Machines, Valve spokesperson Anna Sweet told us at CES.

"Our goal with Steam Machines has never been to force customers into the living room if they don't want to go," the Steam Machines team said at Dev Days.